Practical shooting is one of many shooting disciplines which are not only fun but also extremely competitive for those who want it to be. The sport challenges speed, accuracy, and power throughout every match (consisting of multiple stages). Practical shooting is supported by many organisations, most notably the International Practical Shooting Confederation and its supporting regions (countries).

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Range Facilities

Club Room

The club has a small club room where members can kit up, rest, chat and participate in off range training sessions. Chairs and benches are available in the club room.

Shooting Range

The shooting range itself is a long corridor which is normally sectioned into two areas. One area is set up for basic shooting drills and testing. The other area is for full match training.

Other Facilities

The club facilities include a single unisex toilet and provides hot and cold water for the provision of tea and coffee. A mini fridge is also available in the club room with soft drink cans.

About Us

Xsite Practical Shooting Club originated from the interest and enthusiasm for practical shooting sports by Airsoft skirmishers and other like minded individuals. This group of individuals wanted to experience a competitive and structured practice in order to better themselves and experience the practical disciplines of shooting.

In 2013, Xsite Practical Shooting Club was born in order to provide the facility to learn and train to achieve maximum potential in Practical Shooting. The main discipline focused on is Action Air IPSC however the club practices other forms such as 3-Gun Nation and IPAS to provide a variety to its members.

Our Sponsors

Supporting the sport of Practical Shooting

We are nothing without our members

Join Xsite Practical Shooting Club and help us continue to grow as a community and a hub for Action Air IPSC in our area. We want to grow the sport of Practical Shooting and help the younger generation become the best they can be and continue the sport that is being practiced all over the globe.