Practical shooting is one of many shooting disciplines which are not only fun but also extremely competitive for those who want it to be. The sport challenges speed, accuracy, and power throughout every match (consisting of multiple stages). Practical shooting is supported by many organisations, most notably the International Practical Shooting Confederation and its supporting regions (countries).

In regard to the laws and legislation in the United Kingdom, it can be fairly difficult to start practical shooting disciplines; especially with firearms being restricted with licensing and safety requirements. So how does one get into shooting practical without having to work towards firearms ownership?

Action Air IPSC is a mirror imitation of Handgun IPSC with all the same fundamentals and applications, however swapping firearms for gas blowback airsoft replicas, which emulate handguns realistically. An Airsoft gas blowback pistol shoots six milimetre plastic ball bearings using gas propellant which expands to both propel the bb out of the pistol, and cycle the action in a realistic manner.

The ownership and handling of an Airsoft pistol are not licensed or prohibited which allows anyone to try practical shooting at their local club from day one with little commitment or preparation beforehand. This ease of access allows for a very quick and easy introduction to practical shooting and the potential to expand to other disciplines involving firearms in the future.