Film each other for a chance to win a prize

To aid in increasing the social media presence of the sport, we are hosting a contest to improve our social media and promote the sport in the most positive manner.

The contest is hosted annually and will review all entries to choose the best video based on the quality of the video, the illustration of the sport, and any comedic value that may arise from filming.

More than one video can be submitted by a single member throughout the competition. Submitting more than one video is recommended.

This contest is exclusively available to XPSC members. This contest aims to encourage members to film each other training and competing. The submitted videos will help market and advertise the club whilst providing friendly competition to capture your peers in the act of DVC.

This contest is run annually and re-hosted after the conclusion of the last contest.

The current contest deadline is 1st October 2021. All submissions will be reviewed by the committee and graded from 3rd to 1st place. The prizes are consolidated when the prize winners are chosen. 

Be aware that all entries made will be used by the club for advertising and promotion and hence must abide by acts of permission, especially in cases where legally under aged individuals are being filmed.

To ensure that the quality of each video being submitted meets a minimum criteria, the following must be met for a submission to be considered:

  • The video must be of an acceptable quality. At least 720p at a consistent frame rate of 30 fps.
  • The video must be filmed in either landscape or portrait throughout the length of the entire video.
  • The video must not contain any offensive or explicit content which includes defamation or abuse to other parties including the club.
  • The video must show individuals abiding by IPSC rules and etiquette. Illustrations of disqualifications are not allowed as they do not promote the sport.
  • The video must present another member of the club shooting an IPSC stage or in the setting of an IPSC training or competition event.

Each video submission will be graded based on a series of factors. Most of these factors will be kept secret to the committee who will review each submission. 

The factors that are not being kept a secret are as follows:

  • If the video illustrates acts of good sportsmanship at any point.
  • If the video illustrates a stage win or equivalent such as a “personal best”.
  • If the video illustrates the competitor wearing a club attire or equivalent merchandising (wearing green is a bare minimum).
  • If the video illustrates high quality filming such as colour grading and well framed footage.
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