The home of XPSC is at High Wycombe and District Rifle and Pistol Club. This club was founded in 1953 and is home to gallery rifle shooting and muzzle loading rifles. With the cooperation of both XPSC and HWDRPC, the club is able to share the facilities at a low cost to help promote shooting sports together.

Range Facilities

Club Room

The club has a small club room where members can kit up, rest, chat and participate in off range training sessions. Chairs and benches are available in the club room.

Shooting Range

The shooting range itself is a long corridor which is normally sectioned into two areas. One area is left for stand shooting for basic shooting drills and testing. The other area is for full match training.

Other Facilities

The club facilities include a single unisex toilet and provides hot and cold water for the provision of tea and coffee. A mini fridge is also available in the club room with soft drink cans.