Safety is a major factor of Practical Shooting

Unlike most sports, practical shooting is very focused on the safety of shooting as a sport. It is in fact one of the safest sports contrary to the fact it involves the use of firearms and replications of them.

Firearm Safety

Firearms are always treated with utmost seriousness regardless of the discipline or sport. Trigger discipline, the direction of the muzzle and how to handle a firearm are one of the first and consistently prioritised parts of our training.

Comparison Of Firearms To Replicas

Regardless of the fact that Action Air IPSC involves the use of BB replicas of handguns, they are treated the same. This means that the safety skills and experiences are transferable between replicas and real firearms. We train you to be safe regardless of whether it’s real or not.

Eye Protection

One of the only important forms of safety equipment is the use of safety glasses for eyes. This is the only requirement for Action Air IPSC and similar as that is meant to deal with ricochets and debris that may come back to you.

Safety In Ipsc

IPSC as a sport is very focused on safety and integrates rules to ensure that safe firearms handling cannot be neglected when competing. There is a zero tolerance towards poor handling in IPSC and the club ensures that all its members are competent and safe during training.