The following Standard Operating Procedures are valid as of 3rd December 2020.

Track And Trace

We are required to keep everybody’s details for a short period of time for track and trace purposes.

We display a QR code in the clubroom for anybody using the range that has downloaded the NHS Track and trace App which we recommend.


We are running 2 squads with 6 in each with an absolute maximum of 12 on site. The 2 squads will not mingle together, are to be separate and act as their own entity, shooting, setting up, scoring, patching and RO’ing their own stages. There will be a separate tablet to score for each squad. All times will be recorded with stop plates to minimise contact.

At all times you must stay with your squad. Unfortunately that also means if you have a gun failure, you cannot return to the club room to sort it out until your squad leaves the range as a whole. You also will need to take enough gas, ammunition and magazines etc, to the range to complete 2 stages. If you run out, again, you will have to stay with your squad.


When You Arrive

Wear a mask at all times unless you are the shooter on the line. Socially distance and make sure you make way to a free area in the club room or stage area. Help with range setup if not completed and sanitise hands if you have touched equipment used by others. Kit up ready to shoot and join your squad.

Training & Shooting

There will be 2 squads during training. Squad 1 will start on the range and the other in the club room/staging area. Squad 1 shoots stage 1 whilst Squad 2 plans stage 2. Once finished, Squad 1 leaves the range via side closest to club room and Squad 2 enters the range routing around the far side. 

Squad 2 shoots stage 1 and then sets up stage 2 that they have already planned. Squad 2 shoots stage 2, while Squad 1 plans stage 3. Squad 2 leaves the range by side closest to club room whilst Squad 1 enters the range on the far side.

Squad 1 shoots stage 2 and then sets up stage 3 that they have already planned. Squad 1 shoots stage 3, while Squad 2 plans stage 4. This is then repeated until the regular closing hours of the night.

Closing the Club

Whichever squad is last to shoot stays on the range and clears away the barricades and targets while the other squad de-kits and clears away their equipment.

Once the targets and and barricades are cleared away, the squad that has cleared them leaves the range by side closest to the club room and de-kits while the other squad enters the range on the far side and clears the floor of debris.

At all times, maintain social distancing, sanitise hands after touching equipment and surfaces used by others.