World Class

Xsite Practical Shooting Club originated from the interest and enthusiasm for practical shooting sports by Airsoft skirmishers and other like minded individuals. This group of individuals wanted to experience a competitive and structured practice in order to better themselves and experience the practical disciplines of shooting.

In 2013, Xsite Practical Shooting Club was born in order to provide the facility to learn and train to achieve maximum potential in Practical Shooting. The main discipline focused on is Action Air IPSC however the club practices other forms such as 3-Gun Nation and IPAS to provide a variety to its members.

Xsite Practical Shooting Club is an Action Air IPSC club which provides a friendly, professional, and world class training environment for both competitors and amateur enthusiasts of the sport. We provide training and help members attend matches both inside and outside the UK.

At the club , we have qualified Range Officers, a qualified Club Coach and we also have the top shooters in Europe shooting at the club. However it doesn’t matter if you are a brand new shooter, or a seasoned veteran, we all shoot for fun, in a safe and controlled environment.